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3 Living Room Ideas to Lift Your Home

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The Living room is one of the most important parts of a home. An attractive living room can lift your home and improve life quality. Deciding the specific style and buying furniture for living rooms requires time and effort. Therefore, as a top furniture supplier, we offer you 3 living room ideas to help you beautify your home easily.

Simple Living Room

Many modern people deeply acclaim the simple style. Simple, as the name suggests, should be based on simple lines in design, which brings a capable feeling to people. The color is primarily white as the base color, supplemented by a variety of bright colors for embellishment.

1. A simple table and bright-colored chandeliers are essential for a simple living room.

2. Place a cabinet for storing sundries in the living room corner, which makes the space look retro.

3. Make room for flower pots on the background wall, which is decorative and can also purify the air in the living room.

4. It is necessary to put some pillows in pure colors on the sofa, adding a relaxing mood.

simple living room

European -style Living Room

The dense palace color of classical furniture can improve the texture of the space.

1. The Living Room Is Supposed to Be Large Enough

Most classical furniture is colorful, and if the space is too small, it will cause an oppressing feeling. If the space is not so large, choose neoclassical furniture with bright colors and simple lines.

2. The Matching of Decoration and Furniture.

Use gorgeous curtains, Roman columns, and other relevant designs. The style of home accessories should not be too diverse.

3. The Main Color Tone Should Be Simple as Well

The colors of classical furniture are pretty bright, so it is necessary to note the color matching. Avoid using too many colors in one space otherwise, it will make the space look messy.

European living room

Chinese-style Living Room

1. The style of the Chinese living room is mainly reflected in traditional furniture and decorations, and the colors are mostly red and black. A large number of symmetrical arrangements make the whole living room elegant in style, beautiful in shape, and rich in color. The Chinese-style furnishings such as calligraphy and painting, hanging screens, bonsai, and china can reflect the owner's self-cultivation attitude towards life.

2. Don't ignore the details. Choose the detailed decorations referring to the style of the Chinese classical garden, which can create a rich visual effect.

3. If we plan to have a Chinese-style living room, we must not confuse color and style; otherwise, the room will appear nondescript. We all know that Chinese furniture is mostly made from wood. The leading tone of the living room should be dark color so that it can be coordinated with the furniture. The decoration should not be mixed with other style elements; otherwise, it will affect the overall effect of the living room.

Chinese living room

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