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5 Popular Types of Sofas for Living Room That You Should Have

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Many people are worried about decorating their living room, especially when they are choosing sofas. Undoubtfully, sofa is an important part of the living room decoration, no matter from the perspective of practicality or style. If you want some creative ideas about sofas in the living room, please go ahead!

Sectional Sofa

The most common sectional sofas are L shape sofa and U shape sofa. L shape sofa is usually a multi-seat sofa group forming into an” L” shape. While the U shape sofa has extension on the both sides and looks like the letter “U”. You can decide which to buy according to their advantages respectively. The L shape sofa can be placed in the corner of your living room against the wall, which helps you save some space. The U shape sofa is more suitable to place in a large and spacious living room, which can help you divide out an area for entertainment. Also, it is convenient for a big family to chat face-to-face, shortening the distance between each other.

sectional sofa for sale

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa is a kind of leather sofa originated in Britain. It has armrest and backrest of the same highness with special classic pull buckle design. It’s said that this kind of sofa is favored by ladies and gentlemen of upper class since 20th century. Therefore, if you are a fan of noble vintage design, you can consider to purchase a Chesterfield sofa. In addition to its long history, Chesterfield sofa also has the advantage of the leather sofa, such as high durability and formality. If you have a Chesterfield sofa, it can bring your living room a sense of classicality and elegance.

Chesterfield sofa

Mid-century Modern Sofa

Mid-century modern sofa, by its very name, is a kind of sofa appeared in many American houses back in 1950s. Compared to the traditional one, it is a more practical sofa with simpler appearance. The mid-century modern sofa usually has peg legs, a design that can make your living room brighter and roomier. In order to bring you a sense of back to nature, wooden material is frequently used. In addition, if you have this kind of sofa, you can find its beautiful line design can finely structure your room, creating neat and modern visual effect for you.

mid-century modern sofa

Upholstered Settee

Sofas of new Chinese style are mostly upholstered settee which involve the wooden framework and upholstered. Rosewood, blackwood are common materials for framework making, and the upholstered is filled with feathers or cotton. As a result, an upholstered settee is not only good-looking, special at classical Chinese style, but also comfortable. Its upholstered improves the hard wooden structure, turning it into a soft sofa. If elder family members prefer hard chair, the upholstered is convenient to remove.

upholstered settee

Sofa Set with Table

Sofa set with table is usually a set of sectional sofas, with a tea table and several side tables. The attached tables have identified style with sofas, even the colors are the same. This kind of sofa prefers a large living room. It is practical, for you don’t have to buy other tables to match them additionally. Besides, the sofa set with table can bring your living room a sense of harmony and comfort of unity.

sofa with table

As we have introduced some popular kinds of sofas, you must have made your decision. Welcome to KIKA for further information. We have various kinds of popular sofas and are ready to serve you.  Welcome to contact us at

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