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  KIKA Leather Sofa Types


Leather sofas have been the symbol of elegance and modesty in home decoration. From KIKA, you can find all kinds of leather sofas with countless shapes, materials, styles, colors, etc. L shape sofa, U shape sofa, Chesterfield sofa, sectional sofa, royal sofa, armchair, and many other leather sofa types are on sale.


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Leather sofas are an ideal option for both residential and commercial use due to their practicality, high-end feeling, easy maintenance, and many other benefits.





   Popular Leather Types to Choose

Leather sofa is a seat made of animal skins, such as pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin and other animal skins and artificial leather, such as PU leather, faux leather, and other synthetic leather. According to the leather materials, leather sofas are also fall into various types. A good-quality leather sofa is made of high-class leather and with complex manufacturing technique. KIKA offers a wide range of leather sofa with various leather materials to meet different clients’ requirements.



Genuine Leather


Genuine leather also called real leather, is a kind of leather made from hide, which is compared to the artificial leather made from chemical fiber materials. On the market, one of the most conventional types is top grain leather.



Nappa Leather


Nappa leather is a type of real leather made from cow hide, sometimes called full grain leather. It is a high-grade leather and its surface is soft, smooth,and has a natural wax feel. The clearer the grain of the leather is, the higher the grade will be.




Suedette Leather


Suedette leather is a composite material made by multiple techniques. It is a material that imitates the style of real suede, characterized by dense, fine, soft pile on the surface.




PU Leather


PU leather stands for polyurethane leather, which is widely used in bags, shoes, clothing, car and furniture upholstery. It is as breathable, soft, smooth as real leather, available in various colors and patterns.




PVC Leather


PVC leather stands for polyvinyl chloride leather, sometimes called vinyl leather. It is a synthetic leather made up of a fabric leather underlayment, a foam layer, leather layer, and a plastic coating on the surface.




Vegan leather


Vegan leather is a type of faux leather made from the materials that do not contain any animal skin. The most common vegan leather that we can buy on the market are PVC leather and PU leather.





   Your Professional Furniture Supplier

KIKA have been a leading furniture supplier for many years, offering all kinds of high-quality furniture including fabric sofa, leather sofa, armchair, dining chair and table, TV stand, coffee table, living room set, bedroom set, etc.


With our durable furniture, reasonable prices, comprehensive service, and unique customization, we offer comprehensive solutions to different clients:



- Wholesalers & Distributors & Retailers

If you are looking for a trusty furniture supplier who can give you the best quote, KIKA is your first choice, as we have been offering reasonable wholesale prices to help these clients to save cost.


- Brand Owners

We can do furniture customization according to clients’ specific requirements. Besides, OEM service is greatly welcomed. If you have your own brand, we will try our best to customize everything of the products you need.


- Project Contractors

Our professional team can meet the requirements of both commercial and residential projects. We offer one-stop solutions for these clients to help them save time, cost, and effort.


- Traders & Importers

We offer high-quality products as well as competitive prices to furniture traders and importers. With 14-year export experience, we can help these clients deal with the stuffs of custom, shipping, export document, etc.





   How We Make High-quality Leather Sofa




   Tips on Cleaning&Maintenance of Leather Sofas

How to Clean Leather Sofa



A duster or a vacuum machine is required for the cleaning. When using a duster, remember not to miss every corner of the sofa, including the gap between the backrest and the cushion. It’s better to sweep several times until the leather sofa is cleaned thoroughly.

How to Care for Leather Sofa



Sunlight can harm the leather in some ways. Too much direct sunlight would discolour the leather sofa or even craze the leather. So please avoid putting the leather sofa in somewhere the sunlight could shine on it directly.




   How to Customize Sofa at KIKA

We can customize all kinds of leather sofas including custom leather couch, leather sectional sofa, etc according to your desired style and model with specific size, color, texture, and material requirements.



01 Step





02 Delivery





1. For our modern design: 

21 days per 40ft container


2. For our royal design:

30-45 days per 40ft container


3. For custom design:

60 days after confirmation


03 Our Custom Products




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