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Bonded Leather vs Genuine Leather Sofa: What’s the Key Difference?

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When buying a sofa for your home, the upholstery material always comes into your consideration. Many homeowners would prefer leather sofas for they are durable, functional, and maintenance-friendly. However, not all leather sofas are made equal, and there are some typical types you must know before buying. Bonded leather sofas are pieces usually compared to genuine leather sofas. So what's the difference between bonded leather and genuine sofa?

What Is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather, sometimes known as reconstituted, vinyl, or faux leather, is not the whole hide like genuine leather. Actually, bonded leather is a mix of genuine leather fiber, cross-linking fiber, resins, and other additives. Most people consider bonded leather a combination of genuine leather and fake leather on today's market. Bonded leather can be made to look almost the same as genuine leather, but most of the bonded leather only contains about 10%-20% genuine leather.

bonded leather sofa


What Is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather is 100% made of animal skin without other additives. Generally, genuine leather can be divided into two popular kinds: full grain and top grain leather.

 genuine leather sofa




Bonded leather sofas are more inexpensive, for they only contain 20% of genuine leather. Buying bonded leather sofas can save you lots of money but allow you to have the sofas with the appearance of genuine leather.


In the manufacturing process, genuine leather sofas cost more expensive materials, mostly natural animal skin. Thus, the prices of genuine leather sofas are high on average.



Genuine leather sofas are more durable than bonded leather sofas as their genuine leather has a strong ability to withstand scratch and wear. For a long-term investment, genuine leather sofas are your best choice. However, bonded leather sofas are still a good choice when you don't have too much budget.



With no doubt, genuine leather has a beautiful appearance with natural colors, veins, grains, and patterns. However, as it is made of animal skin, some genuine leather inevitably has some imperfections in its appearance. Bonded leather is sort of artificial leather, so it can be made with a consistent and smooth texture. In addition, boned leather has a wide range of custom options like colors, textures, patterns, and you can customize the style you like.


Cleaning & Maintenance

It is easy to clean and maintain genuine leather sofas as genuine leather has excellent resistance to scratch and wear. Regular wiping with a wet cloth can keep genuine sofas looking fresh. For deeper cleaning, use a proper cleanser or regular waxing is recommendable. Bonded leather sofa is more challenging to clean because some cleaners can cause wear to the bonded leather over time.



With no chemical additives, genuine leather is safe and healthy for long-term use if properly maintained. However, bonded leather may release some chemical substances overtime for its bonded fibers.


Which to Buy?

On one side, if you plan to use the sofa for a very long time, genuine leather sofas are your best choice. On the other hand, if you don't have too much budget and like customized options, go for bonded leather sofas.

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