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Everything You Should Know Before Ordering Custom Furniture

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Custom Furniture is a great way to freshen up your home and make it feel like a new space, but it's also a pricey purchase. If you're considering custom furniture, here are some things to consider before purchase:

1) Where are you buying it from?

If you're thinking about buying custom furniture online, think again. There's no way to know the quality of that piece before it arrives. You can record a video or take decent photos, but there's nothing like seeing a piece in person. Do some research on the company and look at its testimonials and return policies. If they are based elsewhere, ask yourself if you would be willing to pay the shipping costs if anything goes wrong.

2) What styles are available?

You don't have to go with the tried-and-true styles, but you should be aware of what's being offered. For example, if you want a custom wood table, there are varying choices from rustic to modern styles. If you prefer something else like metal or glass, look for companies that do that kind of customization as well. It may seem obvious but knowing what you want is the best way to choose where to buy custom furniture.

3) Space's available?

You'd be surprised at how many people rent apartments or homes that don't have room for a table. If you live in a studio apartment, you may need to buy pre-assembled furniture kits instead. Other places like living rooms or entryways are often taken up by other furniture so you need to think about where all the pieces will go.

4 Appearance

The appearance of the piece is a big factor in the overall cost. If you want to add a wooden table for the dining room, choose one that can cover the family room wall and add height to your kitchen to make it feel like more of a space. You should look at all three bases: price, style, and size.

5) Materials

If you're willing to pay extra, consider custom wood furniture made from different types of wood. Wood-like teak is more expensive but it is also resistant to moisture and termites. If you want something lighter, look for aluminum or glass.

6) Inclusions

Is a company offering a warranty or insurance? This can be costly but will provide extra protection if that custom table has a defect. Look for companies that have an option for loaner furniture in case you have to send the piece back for repairs. A good company should also be willing to help you ship the furniture back if something goes wrong with your order.

7) Sustainability

If you're thinking of buying a custom table for the living room, look for one that doesn't use plastics. It's easier to recycle those than it is to clear out old lumber. If possible, consider an eco-friendly company so you can also feel good about your purchase.

8) Return policy and Customer Service

This is especially important for furniture that's made of wood. Don't be afraid to ask questions and make sure you have a customer service number. Find out the time frame you have to return the furniture if something goes wrong and watch who answers the phone. If they tell you they're too busy to answer, find another company that will answer your questions. If they seem like they want your money, avoid them and find another company with a better return policy.


Ordering custom furniture is a great way to add a new piece to your home but it's also an affordable way to help you feel more at home. Look for companies that offer customization and then choose the pieces you want. Take your time and ask questions about the process; it's the only way you'll be satisfied with your purchase when it arrives.

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