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Fabric vs Leather Sofa: What’s the Main Difference?

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When buying furniture for home, sofas are probably the priority to most homeowners. Indeed, sofas is an essential furniture that can be placed in every room of your house. Fabric and leather sofas are two most common sofa types on the market today. Many people find it difficult to choose the appropriate sofa material. As a professional furniture manufacturer, we list some key different between fabric and leather sofa to help you make the right choice.

fabric vs leather sofa


Good-looking or Comfortable?

You may fall in love at first sight with some lovely sofa, but comfort makes this love last for long. If you go for the best feeling sitting for a long time, don’t be confused by some colorful fabric sofas, because the leather one can better meet your requirements. But if all your need is softness and airy texture, fabric sofas are more suitable for you.


A Right Piece to Fill in Your Picture

A new sofa is a piece of jigsaw with which you complete a whole picture of your house. Therefore, please think twice whether the sofa you choose match the style of your interior design or not. The leather sofa, usually popular for the sense of luxury, can match the formal and classy fitment style well. While the fabric sofa has more variety that suites different tints and shades of various houses. What’s more, it can easily create a light and warm atmosphere.


Consider the Durability

If you don’t want to change your sofa frequently, you are supposed to take the durability into consideration. Being properly maintained, a leather sofa can last longer than a fabric one which will be gradually broken from the inside during several years. Also, after some months, the fabric sofa may look staler, for it’s easier to get dirty and harder to be cleaned. A simple wet cloth is enough for you to wipe your leather sofa stainless.


What’s the Budget?

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Better durability means higher cost of both purchasing and maintaining for the leather sofa. If your budget is relatively limited, fabric sofa’s price is more friendly. If you have adequate budget, you can make the decision more comprehendingly and feel ease to choose from the more expensive leather sofa.


Look out for Kids or Pets

Kids and pets are also important factors to be considered. Fabric sofa can be easily misused as a trampoline by children, and the color pen they play may also be a threaten to the sofa which is hard to clean. So, the better choice for family with a kid is leather sofa. However, if there are pets in your living room, its paw may scratch the sofa surface whether it is made from fabric or leather. In this case, you need to add protective cover for your sofa.


In conclusion, there are pros and cons for both the fabric sofa and the leather sofa respectively, which kind to choose depends on your actual requirements.


If you have made a preliminary decision, welcome to KIKA, a professional furniture manufacturer, for selecting and purchasing your ideal sofa. Our fabric sofa and leather sofa are the best-selling products and enjoy great popularity abroad during long-time exportation, serving different kinds of customers. To know more about our service, please feel free to contact us at

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