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How to Choose Furniture For A Small Space?

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After buying or renting a house, one of the most important things is to decorate it with the proper furniture. For those people who own a small home, choosing furniture is a hard task because of the limitation of smaller space. How to choose the furniture that fits perfectly your small space? Please read on!

Choose the Appropriate Size

For a small home, you must care about the size first when choosing furniture. Oversized or tiny furniture would not be good for the small space. It is recommended to measure the exact size of the place where the furniture will be put before buying. You can pick a slightly smaller size for the same type when buying the main furniture. However, never clutter the space with a pile of small pieces of furniture. This would make the space look cluttered and leave no enough space between the furniture for you to move around.

furniture for small space

The Color Also Matters

The method to select the color of furniture can be the same whether the space is large or small. The color of furniture should be consistent with the main tone of the space either jumping out of the tone. For example, if your living room is in light color, you can choose a light-colored sofa to match the tone. This can bring the room a sense of unity and make the room look larger. However, you can also pick a dark-colored piece of furniture, which stands out from the monotonous tone. What’s more, the color contrast can form a visual focus and increase the fashion sense of the small room.

furniture colors

Use High-leg or Wall-in Furniture

The small room suffers from the disadvantage of insufficient area, so the furniture is better not to occupy too much space. It is recommended to use high-foot style furniture, which does not make the room look crowded but much bigger and lighter. Other furniture like wall-mounted tables, suspended TV cabinets can also save a little space in your small room.

high-leg table

Multi-functional Furniture Is Good

Due to the limited space , it is hard to meet all use requirements in such a small room. Thus, multi-functional furniture is the solution. Movable sofa sets, sofa beds, beds with storage boxes would be the practical additions to the small space.

multi-functional furniture

Divide the Space Reasonably

Using fold-up panels to divide the small space into different areas also works. It can make the room looks larger for there are separate functional areas if you make good use of the limited space.

living room divider

To Sum Up

To choose the right furniture is crucial when you are living in a relative room. It can enlarge the spaciousness as well as upgrading the home style. The furniture selection of KIKA can meet all your needs!

KIKA is a leading furniture maker and supplier with 15-year experience. We are specialized in sofas, bedroom sets, living rooms, and all kinds of home accessories. If you want to know more designs and service of our company, welcome to contact us at at any time you want.

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