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How to Choose the Best Fabric Sofa For Your Home?

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A fabric sofa is a popular option for house furnishing. In addition to the beautiful colors and patterns, a fabric sofa can also bring you a good experience with its soft and comfortable material. If you think it’s too expensive to buy a leather sofa, the fabric one can be a great alternative for you. Nowadays, according to different fabrics, there are various kinds of fabric sofas on the market. Therefore, it’s getting harder for homeowners to choose their most suitable fabric sofa. As a professional furniture manufacturer, today let’s see how to choose your fabric sofa!

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The first thing for you to consider should be your budget. The price of a fabric sofa can vary from a wide range according to its various materials. The two major parts of the sofa, the framework and upholster, whose materials have a great difference on sofa’s cost. The framework is usually made of wood or metal. The wooden framework can usually maintain longer but can get rotten easily in some moist places. The metallic framework is cheaper, but it can have distortion and rusting problems. In terms of the upholstery, if you don’t have too much budget, you can choose the one made of terylene. Contrarily, you can take some cotton cloth or some waterproof material into account. They are more comfortable, serviceable, and accordingly more expensive.

Expected Wear & Scratches

How is your sofa worn depends on the way you and your family treat it. If you and your family just quietly sit on the sofa and enjoy watching TV, your sofa may pay its debt of nature. However, some of the family may be raising children or keeping a pet. In that case, the fabric sofa may expect more wear and scratch. If your family has lots of kids or pets, they need to change a new set of sofas every other time. Therefore, please choose the sofa whose fabric is of better quality and more durable in that situation.

Fabric Colors

The third factor to consider is the colors of the fabric. Unlike leather, the fabric can be dyed into any color you want, which offers you many choices. To decide the fabric colors, you need to refer to the style of your living room. Pick one or more colors that suit the theme of your place. To avoid contradiction or luxuriant confusion, you are not supposed to choose too many colors once. Besides, you can even decide what your sofa looks like first, and then design your living room around the style of your sofa. When you are picking the color, try some match-all color, so that it’s easy to keep consistent with your living room.

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Where to Place the Sofa

The location of the sofa is the fourth factor to consider. If you have a large living room, you can choose a big sofa and place your sofa in the center. It can help you circle an area to entertain and prevent your living room from seeming empty. If your tiny little living room cannot hold a big sofa, choose a smaller one to place in the corner. It will save you some space. In addition, you can put your sofa somewhere else. In a multifunctional room, you can choose a sofa that can be changed into a bed, so that you can have a spare bed to accommodate your friends. In a bedroom, you can choose a sofa at the end of your bed. You can rest there for a while if you don’t want to get on your bed. In a study, you can also place a sofa that is comfortable for reading and communicating.

Is it Easy to Maintain

The last factor to consider is the maintenance of the sofa. If you want your sofa to serve longer, you should not only use it right but also do some maintenance. It’s never an easy task to maintain a fabric sofa, for you can’t treat all the fabric sofa in the same way. You need to know the exact material of the fabric of your sofa to deal with it pertinently. If you don’t want to be troubled, just choose the chemical fiber which can be taken off and cleaned in a washing machine. While the cotton fabric is more fragile, and you need to clean it with warm water. It will be balling after dealing with a washing machine, and have a color-fading problem if a strong cleanser has been used.

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That’s all for our suggestions for how to choose the best fabric sofa for your home. You have many factors to consider, like budget, expected harm, colors, location, and maintenance. If you still find it difficult to choose, we can offer you our further help. Welcome to contact us at We are ready to serve you.

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