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How to Correctly Clean Leather Sofa at Home?

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People love leather sofa for its gloss from the leather and the luxuriant style it born to have. However, when the leather sofa is out of correct cleaning, its luster will fade away let alone its service life will be seriously shortened.

Why not take a look at the advice we listed below on how to clean a leather sofa? 

1. Daily cleaning

Leather is a kind of delicate material. Any sharp things such as crumbs of chips would easily leave scratches on its surface. Furthermore, this kind of damage to the leather is normally irreversible.

Therefore, it’s essential to regularly clean the leather in a proper way

A duster or a vacuum machine is required for the cleaning.

When using a duster, remember not to miss every corner of the sofa, including the gap between the backrest and the cushion. It’s better to sweep several times until the leather sofa is cleaned thoroughly.

If using a vacuum machine, please turn the mode to soft mode for avoiding harming the leather. And the brush of the vacuum machine should have soft bristles.

2. Weekly cleaning

Because of the daily use, the leather sofa could be lightly stained after one or two weeks. For this reason, weekly cleaning is recommended.

Dip a cleaning rag in dilute liquid detergent and then wipe the surface of the leather. After that, use a moist wiping cloth to clean the detergent.

Making another kind of useful cleaning liquor is to mix 100ml water with the same amount of white vinegar.

It’s noticeable that using distilled water at room temperature is better than tap water for the chloride and the calcium ions within may hurt the leather.

3. Special cleaning

For oil stain, apply some saleratus or cornstarch to it on the stain and wait for one or two hours then use a soft brush to clean away the powder.


For the mold, dip a toothbrush in the alcohol and carefully brush the mold away. If this doesn’t work out, make a mixture of 10ml ammonia water and 200ml water. Use it to wipe the mold away with a wet towel.


For liquid stain, please remember to wipe the liquid immediately after spilling on the leather sofa. Do not let it be air-dried! Spray some leather cleaning solution on the stain afterward before you absorb it with a dry sponge.


For ink stain, simply clean it off with the eraser. If the ink stain is too severe, apply some egg white or spray some soapy water to remove the stain.


For heavy color stain, buy some trona flour from the supermarket. Dissolve it in the water and brush the leather with the solution. 

About the best pattern of brushing, we suggest that brushing back and forward according to the grain of the leather.

4. Annual Cleaning

It would be quite a good idea to hand your leather sofa to the technical personnel for a thorough cleaning every year.


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