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How to Maintain Your Fabric Sofa to Keep It Fresh?

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Nowadays fabric sofas have become the most popular type of sofa people preferring to have for decorating different styles of home. 

However, according to several pieces of research, customers respond that their fabric sofas have served them for only three to five years before they were broken.

How to maintain your fabric sofa to keep it working well for a long time?  How to make every penny you spend on it worthy?

1. Regular cleaning 

Due to the fabric density, dust, dirt and crumbs can be left in the tiny gap of the fabrics easily and accumulate fast. 

For keeping your fabric sofa always looks fair, regular cleaning such as vacuuming is recommendable.

Please notice that only the soft mode of the vacuum machine is suitable for the fabrics otherwise the surface of the fabrics could be damaged.

To wash the sofa cover, never use a bleacher to avoid mottling the fabric. 

To clean off dirt and stain on the fabric sofa, spray the right amount of water and rub them away with a sponge or a cleaning rag. But please note that only use dry cleaning detergent for the velvet fabrics which should avoid contacting with water. 

2. Mind the dent

From the statistical data, we know that the average time people spend on their sofas is over two hours per day. Weight on the cushions is the number one cause of the ugly dents on your fabric sofa.

For fabric sofas that have movable cushions, it’s necessary for you to overturn cushions from time to time. 

For fabric sofas with unmovable cushions, please avoid sitting on the same spot for a long time.

And more importantly, try not to jump on the sofa.

Following the proper care steps can prolong the service life of your sofa plus keeping it in a good-looking shape.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Normally the best position of placing a fabric sofa is where it could not be shine by sunlight directly.

A long time of exposure to direct sunlight can disable the elasticity and discolor the coating of the fabric sofa.

If there is no way to keep your fabric sofa away from such a position, we suggest you installing ultraviolet-proof curtains for the windows or cover the sofa with protective coating.

4. Keep away from moisture

Never place your fabric sofa under a humid circumstance

With the moisture, germs and acarids grow rapidly in the fabrics and the padding materials. What’s worse, the wood framework may decay and deform as it is easily subject to humidity. 

Another nice idea is to keep your fabric sofa 5 cm to 15 cm away from the wall so that the air can flow through the gap to bring away the moisture.


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