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How to Properly Care For Leather Sofa?

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        how to care for leather sofa

Leather sofas have become a lot of customers’ first choice for their unique style, soft texture, and great practicability and durability.

However, after purchasing a nice leather sofa, proper maintenance is utterly needed for keeping the sofa nice and fresh.

Here we list several tips for how to care for your leather sofa.


Basic Cleaning

To care for leather sofa, basic cleaning is needed.

Vacuum the leather sofa first. Remember to use the soft mode for the vacuum machine could hurt the leather.

After vacuuming, wipe the whole sofa with a wet cloth.

It’s suggested not to miss the parts like the gap between two sofa cushions or the cont-line between the backrest and the cushions.

Clean Spills Immediately

If anything was spilled on the leather, please use a clean cloth or some tissue paper to absorb the liquid.

Absorbing the spill is better than wiping it for that the liquid may spread to other parts of the leather when you are wiping it.

Use the proper amount of spill cleanser and quickly wipe the cleanser away.

Put a dry cloth on the spill and let it absorb the liquid for approximately five seconds.

When dealing with the spill such as juice, mild soap and warm water are what should be put into use.

In case the stain is severe, it would be a good idea to consult some professional persons in order to avoid further harm to the leather.

To sum up, the key part is to clean the spill away as fast as possible before it immerses in the leather.

Regular Waxing

Regular waxing is essential for leather sofa as it can protect the sofa against dust, sweat, spills, and other stains.

During spring, autumn and winter, wax the leather sofa once a month. And the frequency of waxing should rise to once a week in summer because more sweat would be produced by the user.

Wearing a mask and a pair of rubber gloves is necessary while waxing the leather sofa on your own. If accidentally the wax touched the skin, wash the skin with a vast amount of water and soap until the wax is gone.

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight can harm the leather in some ways. Too much direct sunlight would discolour the leather sofa or even craze the leather.

What's worse, the sunlight can break the collagen in the leather fiber, which makes the leather much more fragile than before.

So please avoid putting the leather sofa in somewhere the sunlight could shine on it directly.

If there is no other option, hang a shade curtain between the leather sofa and the window so that the ultraviolet ray can be blocked mostly.


Hire the Professional

Unseemly cleaning operation done on your own can easily leave non-reversible harm on the leather sofa.

Therefore, it is better to hire the professional to clean and maintain the leather sofa regularly.


Five tricks we mentioned above for you are what you need to care for your leather sofa.

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