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Why Is Velvet Sofa So Popular?

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Velvet, a soft pile fabric that can date back to four thousand years ago, has a unique comfortable touch. For the difficulty of producing, it is always considered as one of the most luxuriant fabrics used in daily life.

Because of this, velvet has become the most popular fabric for making sofas due to its upper-scale looks and favorable user experience.

If you are thinking about buying a sofa, here are six reasons why we recommend you of purchasing a velvet sofa.

1.  Texture

The pile of velvet is exquisite. It is soft to the feel just like the inner undercoat of the swan. But the velvet fabric isn’t made with actual swan’s undercoat. It is just as smooth and glossy as the real swan. Therefore, the velvet fabric is a suitable upholstery material for furniture decoration, especially sofas.

velvet sofa

2. Style

With the incessant increase and development of technology, velvet sofas come in more and more different styles, colors, and veins.

The inimitable figure of velvet sofas gives the living room, the bedroom, and even the office a brand-new visual effect.

3. Comfort

Velvet has an excellent performance of keeping warmth. During winter, the velvet fabric can offer warmth to its users. Comparing with other fabrics, its venting quality is also fairly good. So the velvet sofa is suitable for both summer and winter use. In addition, the soft pile of velvet fabric can relax people to a certain extent. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful rest when laying on the velvet sofa after working all day long?

blue velvet sofa

4. Durability

The fabric structure of velvet is tight, which increases the staying quality. Normally a velvet sofa’s service life can last for eight to ten years.

As for the fabric elasticity, velvet also performs well. With such kind of advantage, velvet would not easily crinkle. The velvet sofa can look as fresh as new for a very long time with proper maintenance.

Speaking of color fixation, velvet has the particularity that it can still hold the color even if being put into a washing machine for cleaning.

5. Maintenance

Many people may consider the velvet sofa an item hard to maintain because velvet is such a special and unique fabric material.  As a matter of fact, it’s never hard to maintain a velvet sofa.

Putting a slight moist cleaning rag on the velvet and then patting it several times is enough to clean the dust away.

To clean the spills, simply mix some saleratus with water and use the liquid to remove the stains.

If the stain is stubborn then put a few drops of velvet cleanser and ammonia into the water. Then wipe it gently until the stain is gone.


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