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Why Should You Choose Fabric Sofa: 4 Reasons to Know

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A fabric sofa is one of the most popular sofa to choose from, especially for those young people and small families. There are many places to apply fabric sofa, such as small living room, reviewing area in the library, lounges, etc. Why do they have such a wide range of applications? It may owe to those multiple advantages of fabric sofas.


Comfortable or not is definitely a very important factor to consider when buying a sofa. The fabric sofa can meet this norm well. With feather and cotton inside the upholstered, the fabric sofa can be as soft as a bed. A fabric sofa can give you the comfort that a hard chair cannot give. You may hurt your butt after a long time sitting on a wooden bench, but the same situation will not happen on a fabric sofa. Choosing a fabric sofa, you can sit and enjoy watching a movie at home as comfortably as if you were in a cinema.

fabric sofa benefit


The price of a fabric sofa is not obviously high in the furniture market. Especially when compared to the leather sofa, the fabric sofa can be very cost-effective. The leather sofa is usually more expensive than the fabric one. Therefore, with the same money for buying a leather sofa, you can purchase a higher-class, more fashionable and smarter fabric sofa.


Speaking of customization, you can decide the size, color, style and many details of your sofa according to the situation of your living room. The fabric sofa can be made into many different styles, one of which must suit you, whether you have a large or small living room. If you prefer the design with more colors and pattern options, the fabric sofa can meet your demand better. In addition, fabric sofa has many different types made of various fabric materials, such as linen, velvet, imitation Berber fleece, etc. Every fabric can bring its very visual effect and comfort. You can select the most suitable fabric sofa according to your application situation. 


The daily maintenance and cleaning of the fabric sofa are easy. But it greatly depends on the type of fabric material. Some cloth of good quality has better abrasive resistance and scratch resistance. When you are selecting a sofa to buy, you should try to pick those with abrasive resistance and good-quality fabric so that you can save your time and money on the sofa’s daily care.

A fabric sofa is relatively easier to be influenced by dirt, but it is also easy to clean. The fabric sofa has a cover that can be taken apart and washed if it gets dirty. The surface of the fabric sofa is easy to be stained, and a simple wipe is far from enough. Fortunately, the cover and infilling stuff are usually two independent things. If you carelessly pour a cup of juice on your sofa, you can take off the cover, put it into a washing machine, wait for it to be cleaned and put it back on the sofa. In addition, your infilling stuff doesn’t need to wash but deserves sun exposure from time to time.

fabric sofa care

We will be delighted if you have learned more about fabric sofa through this passage. KIKA company has many different types of fabric sofa for your reference. If you have any interest, welcome to contact us at any time.

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